Meet our Volunteer Board!

Our Board

Stephen Vorenberg is a cancer survivor and the inspiration behind our organization. He brings his volunteerism, knowledge of rallying people, and communication skills to bring people together to support our causes. Stephen serves as our Spokesman, a Director, and a Founder.

Eric Vorenberg is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan. He brings experience in contracts, marketing, and promotions. His focus will be to assist with our Social Media, Marketing, and on-line events. Eric currently serves as a Managing Director and Founder.

Josh Grossman has a diverse business background and has been involved with many charitable organizations. His focus for Stephen’s Soldiers is to work with the team to ensure success in the areas that make the organization unique through videography, creativity, and business skills. Josh currently serves as Chairman, Managing Director and Founder.

Tom Vorenberg comes from the insurance business and also has an excellent business background. Tom’s focus includes working with the team on special projects; help with organizing and promoting events, and with gathering news and feature stories for our website. Tom is a Director and Founder.

Barb Vorenberg has been outstanding in organizing and promoting fundraisers, volunteers, and participants to be involved with many of the organizations we plan on continuing to support. Her previous business and administration experience has helped raise thousands of dollars over the years. Barb has a passion for helping others and is driven to ensure our organization succeeds. Barb serves as our volunteer Executive Director and Founder.